Aims and Objectives

1. To organize training for journalists to improve their knowledge and skills.
2. To expose journalists to advances in knowledge and technology by organizing workshops and seminars by inviting experts in their fields.
3. To sensitize journalists to explore the full potential of journalism, in order to make the profession an instrument of positive socio-political and economic change.
4. To undertake documentation of information for the benefit of present and future journalists.
5. To orient journalists to tap the potential of the internet to sharpen their professional skills and to improve their productivity in reportage.
6. To create databases, both online and offline, exclusively for the benefit of journalists in different areas of interest.
7. To conduct surveys from time to time of representation of various social groups in the profession of journalism, and to organize special training and coaching for potential journalists from socially and economically backward sections.
8. To help development agencies, service organizations and non-governmental organizations to get proper coverage in the media for their activities.
9. To keep a watch on the quality of journalism with the underlying assumption that the readers of newspapers and other news media are consumers of a service offered by the profession of journalism.
10. To initiative media-related research, the findings of which would help serve the profession and readers.
11. To bring out compendiums and booklets with useful tips for the day-to-day working of journalists.
12. To undertake any related activities which serve the overall objective of the Trust.
13. To promote, subscribe, to assist or amalgamate with or carry on the activities of any other Trust, society, association, organisation whether incorporated or not, having objects similar to those of the Trust.