Indian Online Journalism

Indian Online Journalism started as a newsgroup in 1999. It was meant to catch the first dot-com wave and have journalists discuss the emerging form of digital journalism. It stayed the course for many years, till it was turned into a website and articles were written on the ever-changing new media. The site has been dormant for a few years now, since it was run by just one journalist. We believe this is a good time to revive the site with a renewed focus on the state of digital journalism in India today at a crucial time when digital journalism and its impact on citizenship and democracy is being much debated upon. There is no committed industry specific resource that takes a critical look at the practice of digital journalism in India today and we feel there is a case to make for a platform which will function as a resource and address its challenges in a non-partisan way. The site will also showcase the latest research happening on digital journalism and we hope to encourage the building up of academic-research oriented approach to digital media, especially in India. The aim is to build the site into a community of journalists who debate the current trends and issues of the industry and also seek to learn from each other’s best practices and experiences and through conversations and community forums. The site will focus on different aspects of news gathering, news production, news distribution and news consumption.